Monday, April 12, 2010

Germany - Beer Diary

Just got back from a week-long vacation in Munich, the biergarten capital of the world, and it didn't dissapoint. From huge liter mugs of helles lager to cans of the beer abortion known as the Radler, this city had it all. Here's an encapsulation of the beer side of the trip, in pictures...


Fresh off the airplane, Dustin & I spied and made our way back to the beer section of a little grocery-type store in the Munich airport. Behold...Duff Beer!


This tasty looking little gem is Desperados, some sort of tequila flavored beer. I'm assuming it is like that Tequiza crap, but I didn't have the cojones to try one.


Ah, there it is...the radler. Named for the german word for a bicyclist, this concoction is the marriage of lager bier and lemon lime soda. Supposedly this was first developed for bikers who wanted to enjoy several beers and still be able to ride home without plowing into a tree. They can be found everywhere. And they sorta taste horrible.


Here's me enjoying a Tucher Dunkle Weiss in the hamlet of Augsburg. This is an old town where my dad was stationed while in the army. It was a fun little place. This picture was taken in the square in the middle of town, where we enjoyed people watching. There's a funny video of some crazy drunk guy dancing to his Walkman that I took from this spot, but that'll probably end up on youtube some other time.


Schneider Aventinus. One of my favorite beers. Enjoyed this guy fresh at the Weisses Brauhaus, the only beer house to serve Schneider brews in Munich (that we found). This place was one of our favorites, as they had a larger beer selection, as well as the Schneider / Brooklyn collaboration beer "Hopfen Weiss". Delicious and the only way we found to get our hop-fixes in town.


The Pagoda at the Chinesischer Turm. Awesome bier garden in the English Garden.


The fellas enjoying Hofbrau brews at the Chinesischer Turm.


This was at the Augustiner Grossgaststatte, a cool traditional beer house near the middle of Munich.


This is the beer we drank.


A really big beer barrel at the Augustiner Brau Salzburg. We didn't make it inside the place, but we did enjoy posing with the barrel.


Dustin & I near the entrance to the Hofbrauhaus. Nice place. Touristy, but not a bad place to have a beer or four.

The Paulaner Brewery.


Sign to the brewery.


Door to the brewhouse.


Brett & I inside the brewhouse. Notice the sweet vests they made us wear on the tour. Not quite sure how necessary they were, but we sure did look cool.


The control panel inside the brewhouse.


Old carved barrels.


Kegs. Many, many kegs.


Metal kegs that look like wooden kegs. They were super awesome. We totally need some of those for homebrew.


Outside the gates of the brewery.


After the tour, they treated us to lunch & a beer. The food was a bit strange looking, but surprisingly tasty.

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